Apollo Emergency Model


Apollo Emergency care model is a comprehensive model based on 5 circles in chain of emergency care


  1. Access - Pioneered the 1066 dedicated access for emergency care with state of the art BLS/ACLS ambulances with trained EMT’s. The ambulances are well equipped to handle complex pre-hospital care and are connected via radio, Cell phone and GPS/GIS systems.

  2. Bystander care and CPR - Life savers program run by Apollo for last 14 years has trained thousands of community first responders trained in first aid and CPR. It also runs AHA accredited heart savers program on a regular basis for the community

  3. Disaster Preparedness and Response - Apollo Emergency has created standardized systems and processes to ensure effective emergency medical response for all kind of disasters – Example - Gujarat earthquake and flood relief in Andhra Pradesh. It has partnered with key Airports like RGIAL - Hyderabad for effective disaster medical response at critical locations.

  4. Enhanced Emergency Department care - In order to maintain continuum of care Apollo has linked the pre-hospital care with the state of the art emergency departments. Each department is led by a qualified Emergency Specialist and a team of dedicated emergency physicians who follow the internationally benchmarked protocols and practice to deliver compassionate and evidence based care.

The clinical pathways for management of stroke, sepsis, trauma at Apollo have been appreciated by international leaders in the field. The teamwork (Stroke Team, Trauma team, Sepsis team, Chest Pain team) involved in the care of such complex medical and surgical emergencies has significantly changed the outcomes for the patients.

With over many locations across the country the Emergency Departments of Apollo Group touch the lives of more than 500,000 people annually.

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