College of Emergency Medicine, United Kingdom

The College of Emergency Medicine became a College by Royal Charter on 29th February 2008. The College is established to advance education and research in Emergency Medicine. The College is responsible for setting standards of training and administering examinations in Emergency Medicine for the award of Fellowship and Membership of the College as well as recommending trainees for CCT in Emergency Medicine. The College works to ensure high quality care by setting and monitoring standards of care, and providing expert guidance and advice on policy to relevant bodies on matters relating to Emergency Medicine. The College now numbers over 2000 Fellows and Members registered internationally.

The College of Emergency Medicine
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In June 2005, the College of Emergency Medicine approved Apollo Hyderabad as the first overseas examination and residency training centre for formal 3 year postgraduate training in emergency medicine. By 2009, Apollo Hospitals at Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi and Ahmedabad, also began residency training towards the MCEM examination. As of 2011, more than 200 doctors have attempted the Part A MCEM entry examination. 25 candidates have successfully passed the part B & C exit examinations and have got their MCEM certification. Some of them are now leading their own emergency departments in various parts of the country. Currently there are about 100 residents in various stages of the 3 year EM residency spread within the Level 1 emergency departments of Apollo Group.

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