Fall or Sprain - What To Do

Minors falls which lead to sprains can happen at anytime, especially in growing children and during sports activities. A sprain occurs when a ligament (this is the tissue which connects two bones together) gets overstretched.

In case of sprains, always remember RICE. These 4 steps, if effectively followed, can significantly reduce the healing time of the affected tissue and can prevent the worsening of the injury.

REST - The injured area will have pain and swelling. It is important to avoid any movement of the affected area to prevent worsening of the injury and also to facilitate the healing process.
ICE - Immediate application of ice at the affected site will reduce the amount of swelling that can develop at the injured site. It also reduces the pain.
COMPRESSION - Use an elastic crepe bandage to apply gentle compression at the affected site. This will help in immobilizing the affected part and also reduce the pain and swelling.
ELEVATION - Elevating the affected part on a pillow will also help in reducing the swelling at the affected site.

Use pain relieving spray or gel. Ex. Relispray, Volini, Nise, etc

Avoid massage of the injured site.
Avoid heat application or dipping in hot water - this can increase the swelling of the affected site.
Do not try and move to ascertain the range of movements.
Avoid weight bearing on the affected limb.
NEVER try to reposition a deformed limb on your own.

In case of severe pain, swelling, bleeding, deformity or fracture, contact the nearest Apollo Emergency immediately.

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