Headache - What To Do

A headache is defined as continuous or intermittent pain in head or in back side of upper neck. Symptoms of headache may appear suddenly or may be present since a long period of time depending on the cause of headache. The treatment varies from patient to patient & depends on the severity as well as the cause.

- Tension, stress and anxiety
- High blood pressure
- A clot blocking blood vessels in the brain
- Bleeding from a broken blood vessel in the brain
- Migraine
- Vision problems

The following associated symptoms are considered serious and need a CT scan or neurologist to rule out a major underlying cause.
- Sudden onset of a very severe headache
- Worst ever headache
- Dramatic change in severity of headache
- Altered level of consciousness (feeling more sleepy or drowsy)
- Associated with continuous vomiting.
- Associated with visual disturbances like blurring of vision.
- Associated with history of recent trauma or head injury.

In case any of the above symptoms are present, contact the nearest Apollo Emergency immediately.

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