Heart Attack - What To Do

A heart attack occurs when a clot blocks the blood vessels which supply the heart muscle. When this happen the heart muscle starts dying and its pumping ability gets affected. The symptoms which occur during a heart attack are chest pain or chest discomfort, chest pain which radiates to the arm, neck or jaw, difficulty breathing or light headedness.

Many times, a person may not realize that he or she is having a heart attack, and quite a few who harbour doubts to that effect, spend a considerable length of time in self denial. If you or someone has one or more of these symptoms, get to a hospital where a cardiologist will be available immediately. Do not drive your vehicle, instead get somebody to drive you to the hospital.

Time is critical once chest pain starts because the heart muscle starts to die within 1-2 hours after it stops getting blood, and within six hours, almost all the affected parts of the heart could be irreversibly damaged. Therefore it is important to intervene as soon as possible and reestablish the blood flow by giving drug which dissolves the clot or by performing a specialised procedure (called Angioplasty) which opens the blocked blood vessel.

Remember, when chest pain occurs, contact the nearest Apollo Emergency immediately.

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