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Apollo Hospitals identified this gap in Indian healthcare system and pioneered the cause for state-of-the-art Emergency Care in India in 1997. Over the last 14 years, Apollo Emergency has pioneered and provided the leadership on every front in emergency care in India.

  1. First to start Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) training in India.
  2. First American Heart Association (AHA) recognised International Training Centre in India, for BLS, ACLS & PALS resuscitation courses.
  3. Pioneers of physician training in EM when the specialty was unknown - over the last 14 years more than 500 physicians - trained in EM.
  4. First to start EM ultrasound training program & promote its use in emergency departments in India.
  5. First to start MCEM (Membership of College of Emergency Medicine) training in collaboration with College of Emergency Medicine,
    United Kingdom
  6. Played leadership role in advocacy of EM as a specialty -
    Dr. K. Hariprasad - Founder Secretary of Society of Emergency Medicine, India (SEMI)
    Dr. K. Hariprasad - Executive Chairman of Society of Emergency Medicine, India (SEMI)
    Dr. Mahesh Joshi - Executive Co-Chairman of Society of Emergency Medicine, India (SEMI)
    Dr. Dhavapalani - Member-Advisory Board of Society of Emergency Medicine, India (SEMI)
    Dr. Imron Subhan - Founder of EmergencyMedicine.in ()
  7. International recognition for leadership in EM -
    Dr. K. Hariprasad - Hon. Fellow of International Federation of Emergency Medicine (IFEM)
    Dr. Mahesh Joshi - Hon. Fellowship of College of Emergency Medicine, Stanford Visiting Scholar Fellow in International Emergency Medicine.



Apollo Emergency is a commitment by the Apollo Group of hospitals to the community to provide comprehensive Emergency care - from emergency to recovery, with compassion, empathy and excellence in clinical quality.

Apollo Emergency is also committed to the leadership and advocacy for establishment and development of Emergency Medicine in India


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