Membership of College of Emergency Medicine (MCEM Examination)
The MCEM examination which is based on the College of Emergency Medicine curriculum offers an opportunity for the candidate to demonstrate both the breadth of his or her knowledge of Emergency Medicine as well as the application of that knowledge to common clinical scenarios. The candidate must be able to demonstrate good communication skills and knowledge of Emergency Medicine.

The examination is competency-based and assesses knowledge, skills and behaviours necessary for the successful clinical practice of Emergency Medicine. The areas assessed will include the evaluation and initial management of clinical conditions seen in patients who present, as emergencies, to Emergency Departments. Competence in paediatrics at a level delivered in a general Emergency Department and focus mainly on seriously ill and injured, or the management of common child emergencies.

The MCEM examination is set at a standard commensurate with the level of expertise necessary for entry into higher specialist training in Emergency Medicine as well as that for practice at an intermediate level for those not wishing to enter higher training.

The examination consists of three parts, Part A, B and C.

MCEM Part A Exam Overview
This theory exam consists 50 questions, each with four stems. Each stem needs to be marked either TRUE or FALSE. It is not negatively marked. It examines basic sciences as applied to Emergency Medicine. The syllabus for the Part A is found on the College of Emergency Medicine website (). Exam duration is 2 hours. Exam centres are in United Kingdom, India (Apollo Hyderabad & Apollo Chennai), Hong Kong and Singapore. Candidates are awarded either a pass or a fail. Candidate must score about 70% to pass the exam.

MCEM Part B Exam Overview
This theory paper examines data interpretation skills and consists of 16 questions. The questions present a clinical scenario and may have clinical data including radiographs, CT scans, ECGs, blood test results and clinical photographs. Exam duration is 2 hours. Exam centre in India is only at Apollo Hyderabad. Candidates are awarded either a pass or a fail. Candidate must score about 70% to pass the exam. Only candidates who are successful in Part B will be permitted to take Part C. Unsuccessful candidates will be required to resit Part B at the next diet before attempting to Part C.

MCEM Part C Exam Overview
This practical exam consists of 18 Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) stations that assess knowledge, psycho-motor ability, interpersonal skills (including communication and conflict resolution), professional behaviour and clinical decision-making skills. Exam duration is 2.5 hours. Exam centre in India is only at Apollo Hyderabad. Candidates are awarded either a pass or a fail. Candidate must pass 14 of the 18 stations to pass the exam.

General Considerations
Part A exam is held twice a year at all the approved centres on the same date (usually in June & December). Visit the College of EM, UK website for exact dates.
Part B and C are held twice a year in UK and once a year in India. Visit the College of EM, UK website for exact dates of UK sittings. Date of exam sitting at overseas centres may vary.
All parts of the examination will be conducted in English.
Successful completion of all parts is required before being eligible for Membership by examination and before being able to use the post-nominals MCEM.

Mode of Candidate Entry
A candidate is eligible for Apollo MCEM Residency if he/she has completed the following
• Must have completed MBBS & Internship in an institute recognised by Medical Council of India
• Must have a valid MCI registration

Interviews for MCEM residency are conducted twice a year, in June and in December. Meet an Educational Supervisor () in an Apollo within your city for details.

Duration of Residency
The duration of MCEM residency is 3 years full time from the date of joining. The duration of residency is 2 years full time for those who have completed their Fellowship or Diploma in EM from Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP-UK) which is given by Medvarsity.

Residency Locations
A candidate can do his/her 3 year (or 2 year) EM residency at any of these Apollo centres for qualifying for the MCEM Part B & C exams.
• Apollo Health City, Hyderabad
• Apollo Hospitals, Chennai
• Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore
• Apollo Hospitals, Ahmedabad
• Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi

The choice for the residency centre is made at the time of paying the admission fee and is final. No change of centre will be allowed once the candidate has reported for rotations.

Course Fees
Prospectus & Registration Form 1000/- INR
MCEM Part A Examination Fees 35000/- INR per attempt
Residency Admission Fees 50000/- INR
Tuition Fees (Monthly) 3000/- INR per month for 3 years
MCEM Part B & C Examination Fees 60000/- INR per attempt

(Note – Examination fees include local centre administrative charges)

For MCEM exam related enquiries, contact:

Mr. Sayeed - Senior Assistant
Apollo Health City, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, INDIA 500034
Phone: 91-40-23607777 (Extn 5517) 11am to 5pm
Fax: 91-40-23608050

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