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As an initiative to create centers of excellence Apollo has identified Emergency as an area apart from the other specialities like cardiology, neurology, joint replacement, transplant medicine, oncology. This is a big step in endorsing the importance of Emergency Medicine as a specialty in the future of healthcare in India. This will enable Apollo Emergency to standardise its processes and outcomes in emergency departments. It will also enable the existing departments to be benchmarked against the best in the world.

  • MAY 2011 - Apollo Emergency to launch a country wide initiative-“Life Savers” to educate community on medical emergencies and thereby reducing complications or unwanted outcomes. In an effort to create community volunteers Apollo Emergency is taking its life savers program nation wide and aims to create a network of about 10,000 volunteers – life savers over the next 1 year.

  • JUNE 2011 - MCEM part B and C exams conducted jointly by Apollo Hospitals and College of Emergency Medicine UK on 15th, 16th June 2011. 12 candidates from all over India appeared for the exams conducted over 2 days.

  • JUNE 2011 - MCEM examiners workshop conducted by college of Emergency Medicine at Apollo Hospitals Hyderabad on 15/7/2011. About 11 examiners from across the country were trained in this workshop on various modules including paper setting, part A evaluations, SAQ assessment, Conducting the OSCE stations, Role player briefing etc.

  • JULY 2011 - Dr. Mahesh Joshi awarded Hon. Fellowship by the college of Emergency Medicine UK in recognition of his efforts in establishing emergency medicine as a specialty in India. At the Graduation ceremony held at Taj Banjara Hotel - Hyderabad on 17/6/2011 Dr. Mahesh Joshi was awarded this fellowship by Dr. Edward Glucksmann – Vice President – International affairs-College of Emergency Medicine UK. Dr. Gautam Bodiwala – first President of the World Federation for Emergency Medicine read the citation for Dr. Joshi, while Dr. Helen Cugnoni, Dr. Rachel Lindau and Dr. Arooni Sen applauded the efforts of Apollo Hospitals in establishing this specialty in India.
  • AUGUST 2011 - Life Savers Training Program will be commencing shorting across all major cities in India. This training provides common people the ability to provide basic first aid, resuscitation and activation of emergency response in case of a medical emergency or an accident.

News Room
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