Nose Bleed - What To Do

A nose bleed is one of the common complaints seen, especially in children. The most common cause is a minor injury to the inside of the nostril due to nose picking, irritation or a foreign object. Sometimes a nose infection like a cold can cause dryness and bleeding.

If a person has a nosebleed, make him/her sit on a chair and lean forward, and pinch the nose with thumb and index finger for about 5-10 minutes. This will compress the area which most commonly bleeds. A small ice pack can also be applied over the nose to constrict the blood vessels. Once the bleeding has stopped, avoid picking or blowing the nose.

Persons who have hypertension or are on antihypertensive medications, may experience nose bleed when their blood pressure (BP) shoots up. If this is the case, then the person must be taken to the nearest hospital to get his BP checked. If the BP is high, then he/she will require the control of the hypertension first to stop the nose bleed.

Other conditions like bleeding disorders also can cause a nosebleed. Visit your family physician for advice.

In any case, if the bleeding continues or symptoms like headache or dizziness appear, contact the nearest Apollo Emergency immediately.

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