Operational Divisions

The Apollo departments of emergency medicine have various working divisions under it that are responsible for managing its diverse operations and processes. EM residents get exposed to the working of most of the divisions during their 3 year residency.

Academics & Training

Responsible for weekly academic schedules, training of EM residents, training of nursing & paramedic staff, procedural competencies, quality regulation, MCEM preparation, conduct of examinations and certification.


Airport & Aviation Medicine

Responsible for long distance air transfers of patients and ensuring staff competency in airport rules & regulations, flight safety, airport disaster response, basic aviation medicine and conduct of research in airport & flight sickness.


Critical Care & Observational Medicine

Responsible for advanced critical care, staff training and quality maintenance of critically ill / ventilated patients boarded or retained in the emergency department for observation.


Disaster Management

Responsible for the disaster management training programs, ED / ER response plans and conduct of regular hospital disaster drills.


Emergency Medicine Research

Responsible for departmental research in emergency medicine, student mentorship & guidance, training in basic EM research, publications, journal subscription & article submission.


Emergency Medical Services

Responsible for operation of ambulances, call center, communications, long distance road transfer of patients, critical patient transfers, interhospital patient transfers, prehospital patient care, training and certification of emergency medical technicians (paramedics) and ambulance drivers.


Emergency Ultrasound

Responsible for training & competency of EM residents in emergency ultrasound, FAST scan, ECHO, ultrasound guided procedures, conduct of training workshops and research in EM ultrasound.


International Emergency Medicine

Responsible for spread of emergency medicine into neighbouring third world countries, departmental connectivity with top emergency medicine institutes in USA, UK and Australia, coordination of international student rotations and ensuring flow of evidence based practices from the EM pioneers in the West into the various departments.


Life Support & Simulation

Responsible for formal training & certification in Basic Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support & Pediatric Advanced Life Support accredited to the American Heart Association as well as conduct of first aid & CPR courses, trauma & airway management courses and various simulation exercises.


Toxicology & Medicolegal Issues

Responsible for tracking patients with poisoning, toxic overdoses, snake bites, staff training in medicolegal procedures & guidelines, summons, civil & criminal court attendance, police liason and forensics.


Disease Specific Groups

EM residents choosing to work under various disease specific groups can contribute to the group in various ways like defining protocols & goals, conducting research & planning ways of improving patient management. The following disease specific groups are currently active:


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